Remote Scouting

The following are Scout activities that we've either been doing or intending to do over Zoom or while there are no face to face meetings. 




Virtual flag break with a piece of string at the Scout end and furled flag at leader end. Scout parent ends to pull on string and leader unfurls flag. 


Scavenger hunts


Races to gather items based on a theme e.g. Colours of the rainbow, or a-z of items in the kitchen. 


Higher lower card games (also known as tops or tails). Scout stands and decides if next card drawn is higher or lower by putting hands on head for higher and bum for lower. If incorrect the Scout sits down. 


Building a den in the house, then show it off


Sleep in the den


Showing collections and hobbies at home


Skills challenge things


Making models from recycled waste packaging, show them off at next meeting.




Presentations on challenge badge requirements.


Challenge a scout to prepare something for next week and present it. 


Send out puzzles or map extracts and work through them on zoom


Use 1st Facebook scout group activities 


Plant seeds and weekly review of them to see them grow.


Ask them what they've been doing and build on it for a badge requirement. 


Send out route card samples and work through them in the meeting.


Treasure hunt / guide badge / geocaching scout style using maps and local area.


Online escape rooms


Making home movies, acting, stop motion or cartoon, and share them. 


Camp out in their garden or house. 


Have a home campfire, and talk about it. 


Have a special Zoom guest give a talk. 


Ask someone from a different section to join in.  


Make food during the meeting. Scones, Biscuits or mug cake


Ask a Scout to join the meeting from a strange location at home. 


Fancy dress night. 


Check in on everyone's state of mind. Get everyone taking part and engage the quiet ones directly. 



I guess it depends on the time available and some are more for talking about and doing offline. I've tried to relate activities to badgework wherever possible. We only hold a short weekly meeting so by the time we've had flag break a quick chat then cover some activity stuff our 40 mins or so is done. Finish with a general chat for a couple of minutes or until the conversation runs dry. 



Our programme is similar to Russ's (loving the flag break idea!) - we've also done Charades - just animals and objects but it went really well.  Have attached a list of the subjects we used.  Using Zoom we message just the individual Scout who's turn it is with the animal or object and its over to them.
We've also done CatchPhrase, which I nicked off of Facebook.  Have attached that as well (needs powerpoint).  I shared my screen to unveil each phrase in turn while the other Leaders judged who guessed the correct answer first.  Got the idea for armpit fudge from JB - recipe we used also attached - we just told parents to get ingredients then Scouts were told on the night and taken through the instructions.

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